Since the 19th century and with the help of all the industrial progress that has made it up, cotton has become the first textile fiber in the world, and it is not for nothing!

This vegetable fiber transformed into threads, themselves woven to make fabric, is the most used in the world.

Most of the time cotton is mixed with synthetic fibers like polyester. Consequently, it is of lower quality and is described as more harmful to the environment. It is indeed treated with many chemical substances. This is why at YFARO we only confection 100% cotton pieces.

Oh cotton! At yfaro we love it because it supports heat well, and as we are in Cameroon, it's pretty good: cotton is one of the best fabrics capable of withstanding high temperatures.

Other benefits of cotton:

Resistant and durable

Cotton fibers are naturally resistant; a cotton item therefore has the advantage of not wearing out quickly and of offering a guarantee of lasting quality.

Easy maintenance

Cotton does not require special precautions and can be washed in very hot water (95 ° C); however, this does not apply to colored cotton! ). The cotton fabric is easy to iron and resists a very hot iron.

Various finishing possibilities

Finishing, as the word suggests, is the last step in the manufacturing process. Cotton can be finished in a thousand and one ways. Thanks to all kinds of modern processes, cotton can, for example, be made non-shrink, colorfast, impregnable, waterproof, wrinkle-free, etc.

After learning about these advantages, you will probably not be surprised that YFARO still favors cotton!

Cotton is easy to maintain, just follow the manufacturer's instructions on the label of the garment and voila!

Now that you know the advantages and how to care for cotton, choose the top of your dreams at Yfaro.com.